August 26, 2008

last day of summer......

Wow well its the last day of summer and that really went quick. But there was so much awesomeness crammed into it that I believe it would be only fitting to reflect for a moment. Or make a list. That works to.

1 Band camp heck yes! Playing in the drumline is insane
2 Creating Landscapes was the best. I sang an incredible song with Rachel and Jack (love you guys!!) AND John Hyatt taught me how to use his recording equipment.
3 High School Musical. No, seriously. I was invited to play in the pit at the Academy Theater with a couple other guys I knew. Although it caused much chaos being at the same time as Creating Landscapes, it was still a great deal of fun to be rocking out in the pit, and the cast members where very nice!
4 Mo's party! Seriously that was off the hook. And I even remembered my pants.
5 Performing at the creative crust with "the other band" required a great deal of organization skills that I don't actually have, but it was well worth it and a lot of fun.
6 The rain in Maine during my amazing trip to Maine! It did not rain that much, but there was a great deal of kayaking, good food, and hilarity. And a new word.....Fukus!
7 Recording studio YEA!!!
8 Going to a crazy awesome Modest Mouse concert in Pittsburgh with my friend Jayme, then drinking a Vanana milkshake afterwards
9 My sister's Bat Mitzvah, which was inspiring, and the after party, which was crazy stuff!
10 Watching the Olympics, especially Usain Bolt who is my hero

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