April 18, 2008

New York Trip, Again

I've been back from News York since last weekend, but have been busy, and....oh yea, the Numbers. Right. Here are the numbers.

Days: 1.5
Nights: 2
Bus Hours: 16+
People: 53
Cameras: 53
Cell Phones: 52
Guys in a room: 5
Beds: 3
Movies: 6
Spilled Drinks: 5
Crazy pizza parties: 1
Creepy dudes in windows taking pictures of us: 1
Louis Vuitton handbags per window display: 1
People in group: 3-5
Groups in group- 1-6
Least stuff brought: Me*
Least stuff bought: Me*
Latest shower-taker: Me
Earliest Shower-taker: Me (same shower)
Last to get food: Me
Scary people selling knockoff/stolen merchandise: 36
Homework: None
Photo Ops: 6
Shopping stops: 4
Musicals: 1
Italian dinners: 1
Free breakfasts: 2
Outdoor Ice-skating Rinks: 1
Starbucks: 1**
Jamba Juice:1**
Soft Pretzels: 4
Lunches: 1 less than was needed**
Photography-related injuries: 3**
Inside Jokes: 64

Oh yea, and......
I brought 1 camera
I used 1 memory card and 4 batteries
I took 550 pictures in a day an a half.
Not to mention taking group pics with other people's cameras.... often holding more than one at a time.

* I am very sure of this
** These are personal statistics. Info on the entire group is unknown.

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