January 27, 2008

The quest to become the world's greatest Rock Band Band

As you might know (well, now you know) I have recently received the most amazing Christmas gifts ever in the form of the game Rock Band and the means to play it all day and all night (an Xbox 360). And since Rock Band is clearly one of the best multi player games of all time, there was absolutely no way that I was not gonna start a band or two. The first band I started was a 3-person band naturally called Band.One. This band consists of me on drums, and my sister and any of her little friends switching off on singing and guitar.

Band.One is currently sitting on 146 stars (for each song you play, you gain from 1-5 stars based on how well you do. these are added to your cumulative game score) and 186,400 fans. Not to shabby for a couple of n00bz.

The pop duo consisting of me and my sister, Twice az Nice, is currently edging out Band.One with 149 stars and a whopping 230,000 fans. Note that T.A.N. has also recently acquired a jet and is now on a world tour playing venues in places like Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo.

My other bands are slightly more obscure. Indie pop bands The Slayers (20 stars) and Shifting Balance (54 stars) have not amassed in one place all that many times But with or without a bass player, we proud owners of Rock Band know how to rock nonstop. Werd!

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