November 7, 2007

TheYouTube Top Ten-Number 9!!!!!

Hello again to all YoUsers!!! You did not think I had forgotten about you, did you?? well, after a bit of pondering, I have officially decided on #9 of the best YouTube Videos of all time!
Can you believe it? Neither can I. Well, without further ado, #9 is a video of an incredibly intense dude in an urban city. This guy has some mad skillz, and totally oozes ninja-ness. His crazy ninja-style moves are accompanied by some crazy hardcore music. This is an experience that is truly worthy of the #9 spot. Boasting over 17,530,000 (ninja) views, Here is.........

The Urban Ninja

Coming soon:

Pachabel's Canon

And an honorable mention for somebody
who is incredibly hardcore
Stay Tuned!!!

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