October 10, 2007

HEY YOU!!!!!!!!
Yea, I'm talking to you!!
How much would you pay to download Radiohead's new album, In Rainbows? I am guessing that the members of this outstanding British Alternative rock band were wondering the same thing when they offered up a download for this new album at WHATEVER PRICE YOU WANT. Don't believe it?? I did not think so. Well then you (yes, this is you I am talking about) just do an E-jump over to Radiohead.com and check out this psychedelic deal for yourself. DO IT NOW!! If there are any of you Unkowers who are not framiliar with Radiohead, they have produced great albums such as The Bends and OK computer*. Finally, if you do choose to download the new album(make sure you choose the price first), feel free to leave a comment saying how much you were willing to spend. I might even make an opinion Pole for it! I am personally psyched, and I may even get a review in here so I can tell you how much its worth after you have paid. So untill then, happy listening!

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