May 31, 2007

NEBTD Newsflash:
Yes, It is true!! many prominent electronics stores have been listing sections that are called something like "iPods and mp3 players" This is completely ridiculous!! That is like saying"this is where we keep the Nikons and cameras" What do you think of that? That just 'aint right!! As much as I appreciate the work of those Apple computer masterminds, their product, however massive, just does not deserve to be separated from its official title of an Mp3 player. This truly does not happen in any other department, and i strongly believe that if a person just sees "mp3 Players" and does not realize that they will find an iPod in this section, they are victims of massive corporate takeover and near-monopolization, and they do not deserve to have one at all. Furthermore, it is beneficial to the customer for them to be looking in a broader range of Music players, so that they can get what best suits their lifestyle. But as soon as they see that flashy little lower-case i, they will be sold for good, blinded by what pop culture wants them to get, and completely unable to think critically about what they truly need. What could be next??
iMacs and computers?
iPhones and other cellular devices?
That fancy Nike that you plug into your iPod(or Mp3 player!) and other technological shoes?
iTunes and other online music stores?
iCars and other automobiles?
So make sure you have your priorities straight and you know what is what, so you can see through the corporate guise. iPods are mp3 players, iMacs are just as much computers as that old Gateway in my parents' closet, and iPhones are certainly not very different from the many other cellular devices you might see. So when the dealer shows you the iCars and automobiles section, proudly say "I want a Toyota".
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