February 22, 2007

Get To Know Other People
The Happy Little Quiz
So you are probably familiar with those crazy chain emails
people send asking a bunch of questions and telling you to
forward them to a bunch of people and saying
that you will find out new stuff about people.
And If you don't well......that's what it is.
But the point is that I know not everybody
has the time to sit around and answer
55 different questions about themselves.
So I have created a short version with the same idea
so you can learn about people without reading/writing
untill your eyes/fingers bleed.
I Did a sample fill-in with my own answers,
Knock yourself out
Name: Sutter H.
Favorite Place: California
Funniest movie EVER: Monty Python & The Holy Grail(duh.)
Craziest thing you've ever....
a)Eaten: Snails (Escargot)
b)Done: Rode a bike through Amsterdam (it's crazier than you think)
Favorite sport.....
a)To Play: Soccer
b)To Watch: Football
c)To make fun of: Golf
Most Awesome movie: V for Vendetta
What you most want to buy: Ninja Kitana :
Craziest Thing You've EVER seen. Anywhere.: "Epic Movie"
Favorite Music.....
a)Rock Group/Artist: U2
b)Other Group/Artist:Dave Brubeck
c)WHOLE album(any genre): Stadium Arcadium, Red Hot Chili Peppers
d)Misc. Favorite (Genre, song, etc.): Fields of the Nephilim (A Band)
Favorite TV show/Channel: The X Files, Monty Python,Mythbusters(Anything else on SciFi)
Least Favorite TV Show/Channel: Anything on the Disney channel
Favorite Quote: "I reject your reality, And Substitite my own"
What Makes you Angry?: Samurai, Pirates, Tofu, Snow, Disney Channel, Italian Football Players, Homework, Expensive Stuff on the internet, Laugh Tracks, Unnessecary Sequels,
Catchy rap songs, iTunes, The Government, Spaniards, Popular People, Baseball, Scratched CDs,
$500+ accessories, disclaimers, $45+ Video games "I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny..."
If you want to know a little more about people...send this to them
I would advise Copying and pasting, not actually forwarding,
in the case of Email. I may soon have a questions-only version so you don't
have to look at/delete my answers. You may find this sent to you if you are
in my Email circut. Have Fun!!!

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