December 29, 2006

The hat update

This is mainly intended for those of you who may help me on my jorney to 26 letter hats, but all of you may be intertained. I'll do this whenever a hat/hats are added.
WL-Wish List
A-Allegheny, done
B-Boston, done
C-Chicago, WL
E-At a loss here. Email me with suggestions!!!
F-florida, WL
G-Green Bay(packers), WL
H-I saw one on the's headfirst or something, WL
I-IUP(indiana U. of pennsylvania), WL
J-I saw a Jeep hat that had a "J"
L-Louisville(college), WL
N-Nebraska(collage), WL
O-Ohio State (college), WL
P-Pittsburg Pirates, WL
Q-Are you thinking what I'm thinking?Cuz i'm not thinking about much.
R-Rutgers, WL
S-Seattle mariners, Stanford, Syracuse ,WL
T-Tennesee(college), Tully's, WL
U-Miami U, WL
W-Washington, Done
X-Xavier U.??
Y-Yale, BYU
Z-Zoka, Done

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