December 23, 2006

Alas, welcome to Seattle, the land of Coffee, rain,Cadavers,museums,and.....did I say coffee?? Its actually a pretty fun place to be, you can walk around and there are many things to do and places to be. And if you happen to get a little tired, you can chill at one of the three coffee shops that you are looking at during any given moment. Seriously, there are coffe shops EVERYWHERE. yesterday, we went to see the bodies exibition, where we where showed all sorts of dead people (Cadavers) in different poses and situations, except they where all cut to show the various systems. Here I rest my case. Today we had Susan (our GPS system) politely guide us to a center with an 'Exparimantal Music Project". There where all sorts of electronic and interactive etc. music exibits including one where a group could be a band ad pretend to sing a song in concert. we even got the DVD and a promotional poster. Our band's name? "Ginger & The Navigating Cadavers". The signifigance of this will be explained later, if possible.

Much Love & Peace,

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