November 16, 2006

Report: Area man gets Pwned by Mouse on WoW.

New York, NY- Jimm Helldorf, and area geek and fan of Microsoft's "World of Warcraft", was recently Pwned by a mouse while playing the game. "im nt sure wht hapnd" said the baffled Helldorf "tht guy mst be a comp haxor". While on an ordinary mission from the wizard, Helldorf found himself come face-to-face whith a surprisingly white and sinister looking mouse. "i was gona use ax of fury, bt mi numpad got stuk n the mose jst went crzy" he reported. "he wuz flyin all round shootn tht energy bow and i couldnt aim rite". b4 i new it hed ko me wit da mity mace". Dat wuz some uber pwnge mon".

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