September 16, 2006

The poles are in! this is what we have as far as comments for now:

"It depends on which part of the brain the surgeons were looking at. The rocket scientists are probably very intelligent when it comes to science and math but don't all have everyday common sense."

vote for Rocket Scientists!
Quote: " A stitch in time saves nine" vs "Haste makes waste"
"Children should be seen and not heard" vs " The squeaky wheel gets the grease"

Then somebody else says:

Personaly, I think that they are all flipping idiots! You can't compare mass to volume and you can't compare rocket science to brain surgery. They are to completly different areas of expertise! They are both extremly intelligent in there own subjects, but would be completly and uterly lost if placed in the others position. I'm an expert in the ways of teenagers since I am one myself, but that doesn't make me a super genius and most certainly doesn't make me better than an adult, pre-teen or anyone else for that matter! The fact that they could argue like little children about something so trival is merly proving my point! In fact, they probably both couldn't write a good childrens and or short story, something else trival and done at a middle school level. There puny intellect in that subject would not be sufficient enough. The true genusis of the world are the ones who realize that absolutly no one is smarter then everyone else! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! I think I have proven my point, but one last time, they are all yahoos, a revrence to a book they probably haven't read for it was to advanced for them.
(she is crazy)

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