September 7, 2006

Good Morning foulks!! Welcome to my morning paragragh. In the news today, an area man does not have enough time to write is blog. School and breakfast are being implicated for the reason of the lack of time. A nagging parent is also said to be involved. I will be gone for a couple of days beacuse i am going to california. Hope to see some of you there! Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!

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Robertafaith said...


thought I'd write to you while you're on the road though I doubt you'll have time to read or respond due to your being on the road-ness.
Bar Mizvah are a rite of passage. A student prepares over time to become a member of the Jewish community. the service they participate in is the test they have to pass to become a recognized member of the community. I've seen as have you some kids who lead the whole service. I've also seen kids who read a Torah portion and give a talk about it afterwards. This all demands intellectual effort.
I didn't get to go through the above process because of the customs of our area synagogues. However when I saw my cousins, who were no bigger than my thumb, go through their rites of passage including huge party and mutlitude of gifts, I got downright envious and wrote and perfomred my own Bat Mitvah in New york City. The performance called Tales From the Hut, got rave reviews. In the beginning I lipsinked to a cantor singing some great Jewish chant.
Hope you're having a fab time. eating avocados off the trees.

Give my regards to your Grandmother Abby.
Lucy is not so excited about school starting. she complained that Health class demands lots of journaling and proejcts. I suggested she work with you and than you could have nugget more of fun doing inane projects or journaling together.n

Best in banana bread,
Birdie Faith
Hope i remember my blogger name.