August 30, 2006

Hello all, and welcome to the Sutter Hellwarth morning blog report. It is now 48 minutes past the hour, the hour being 6 am(at least here). And I suddenly realize that it does not matter when exactly I write this beacuse it it all about when you are reading it. So anyway, I am sitting here with my very grey tea, and wondering what exactly the day will be like, being the first day of school. Taking into consideration that fact that I do not exactly know where my classes are, the fact that I cannot figure out which classes go in which places, and then there is so much beurocracy you can smell it. It smells like ravioli. With pesto. Then of course there is the olbvious presence of over-controlling and corruption. And of couse fear. You can smell the fear. It smell like noodles. Fried noodles with cheese. Pasturized cheese. So anyway, I only have about 47 minutes 52 seconds untill school begins, so untill I see you again, Good Night, and Good Luck.

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