June 20, 2006

Quotes from Ian Zanie; with a few that just sound like it.
-Yep, that is what they say
-(on phrases to annoy popular people)The fool fears he does not know others;
the wise man fears he does not know himself
-Thats the whole point, or at least half of it
-Is there any real answer to "what's up"??
-(on saving money)The money is burning a hole in my pocket. In fact, it has gon through my pocket and is burning into my hip. Pretty soon I will have no leg.
-Look, you are bleeding everywhere. You are a living, breathing bioterrorist.
-(on X-Men 3: the last stand)Professor Xavier has a human meat puppet.
-(on the student council speeches)That was probably the most corrupt thing I've ever seen.
-(on acting like a shrub) The important thing to remember is that shrubs dont move, look around, blink or breath. It's not good for long-term defense.
-I got to prioritize

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